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mom  entrepreneur  story-teller

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Navigating tough questions together 

about family, school & everything in between -

by creating community & encouraging each other along the way to become the rock star moms

we are all meant to be!

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I love reading the About Me page. It's filled with history, individuality and a back story. And everyone has a back story.


This site is here to offer encouragement, to share some hope and to build community. I've lived through tragedy, loved wholly and learned to parent mostly by winging it.


Years ago, without knowing anyone else who was doing it, my husband and I decided that I'd homeschool our kids. Wait what?! What an adventure those 17 years were.


Oh, some of the questions I've gotten over the years...


Now, the kids are older and I have time to write, share some attempts at wit and most importantly, to encourage other moms like you along your way no matter how your About Me page might read. 


When our oldest was four years old and it was 'time' to send her to Junior Kindergarten I wanted to see what alternatives there were for her, she just seemed soooo little. I didn't know anyone around us who was homeschooling at the time but after some research my husband and I decided we'd keep her home for those 'foundational' first school years and then send her off.  That never happened...

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A few words

from the 3 kids who   we forced into this.  

 Raising kids has got to be one of the most heart-stopping, breathtaking and extraordinary endeavours we will ever take on.

Each of these adjectives can be used in the positive sense, and each in the negative, depending, of course, on just where we're at in our parenting journey.

light pink peony

we're in it together

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Julie Hall

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