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August 2020 

I grew up in isolation. No I’m joking. Humour. It was actually quite the opposite. I learned school at home from the get-go but that never meant I had a lack of friends or social groups, I would say my social skills are borderline spectacular. You’d have to ask someone I socialize with though… Anyway, the point was that although I stayed home throughout my learning experience (up until grade 11) I still got out everyday into the world.

Homeschooling really worked in my favour, if I focused on school in the mornings I would be free by about 1pm and have the time to develop certain skills like jump lines on my mountain bike or snowboarding or guitar. Because of homeschooling, my sisters and I were also able to make time to be paid extras in several films and TV shows including It, Black Mirror and Murdoch Mysteries. 

I’ve played hockey since I was 8. My favourite sport for sure. I used to be embarrassed when the kids in the change room talked about their school gossip and classes. When they asked what school I went to I was reluctant to tell them I was homeschooled… I thought they would think I was sort of weird or not talk to me because there wasn’t much to relate to, but that was never the case.

In my middle school days my mom was very hands on with my learning making sure to incorporate lots of experiments and little field trips and presentations, some with my sisters who were also being homeschooled at the time. In high school, there have been less experiments and more memorizing-reading so I’ve mainly done my past couple years by myself. Besides, that is, math because I get a little frustrated doing that. 

I’m going into grade 11 now and I chose to follow in my sister Lauren's footsteps by going to the same high school she went to. My biggest motives are to meet some more people and broaden my resume. I would also love to join their football and hockey teams but Covid-19 has put a big pause on that…

Some memories I’ve made homeschooling are building an anticlimactic volcano with baking powder and paper maché, a physics class with some buddies and a play put on by my old homeschool-highschool co-op. I've made the best friends over my schooling years, my wolfpack if you will. The memories me and my boys have made are the best times in my life and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. And that’s thanks to homeschooling.

Mom's note: He comes home with bloody elbows and rips in his pants just like when he was little and I wouldn't have him any other way. Friends are numero uno for this guy - snowboarding as much as humanly possible; long boarding from downtown Toronto and back to Burlington (mm-hmm you read that correctly...5.5 hours, that's how long it takes) or helping to rip trees out of a back field, spending time with his buds is where it's at. Good thing he's got great choice in friends. And he helps around here too to boot. Lucas isn't sure what he wants to do after high school but no doubt he'll continue to make the rest of my hair go grey and my heart beat proudly.

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