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Kind Words


"Julie has a way of navigating life with positivity, clarity and an unwavering commitment to family values. Anytime I've asked for her advice, it has been kind, sensible and guided by a strong moral compass. She has a genuine desire to bring out the very best in people."

"When she had her children, Julie was the mom/friend that endlessly inspired me. I watched as she raised her children with confidence, creativity and unabashed joy.  I marvelled at her ability to delight in their innocence and nourish them while choosing with complete confidence her own path in raising them without reservation.  While I sheepishly worried, compared and concerned myself about what others thought and wished I could be more decisive about what was best for my kids - she just ‘knew’.  Her house was full of love, learning and a simple, natural approach that made it all look easy. As I’ve raised my own boys I find myself hearing Julie in my head and have recounted her words to other moms many times.  She told me once that her youngest was struggling with math and she noticed it was affecting his confidence. So instead of doing what many parents would do (including me) which would be worry, try to find additional help and make comparisons with other kids, she said, 'I just put it away for an entire year.  When he worked on it the next year he was ready, he aced it and his confidence soared.' What an incredible (and unique) thought process to actually pay attention to our kids individual readiness for learning.  


"Julie has the ability to make even the most nervous child feel comfortable.  Her genuine love for children shines through in her friendly and caring personality.  Julie sees potential in every child and she seems to know just how to bring it out.  Julie’s time spent teaching and volunteering at DVJC and DVHS was a blessing to the students and to the families."


"I have had the pleasure of knowing the wonderful Hall family for many years and simultaneously began homeschooling. Julie was a great inspiration to me and fellow parents, as she shared her knowledge and innovative ideas on educating, empowering and equipping students. The Hall children embraced this stimulating life style of learning, to become accomplished, well adjusted/resourceful/delightful young adults."


My daughter took a drama class with Julie through the Dundas Valley Junior Co-op.  Julie was very organized and professional, and she communicated well with the parents.  She did a great job connecting with each student in the class and making them feel heard and cared for.  She was an enthusiastic teacher who made sure the students were learning a lot while always having fun in the process.   My daughter has great memories of having Julie as a teacher and it was definitely one of her favourite classes. 


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